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Episode 72

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9th May 2021

Ep 72: Should You Go Overhead with The Rebel Crew

On the show today, I have a few of the fellow RP Coaches back in action, Keiran Halton, Ryan Patrick and Ryan L’Ecuyer. The intent of today’s discussion is whether or not you should go overhead and the qualifications for doing so. For those who do want to go overhead, we share strategies and tactics to get there, while also continuing to maintain the correct body position you need. Your body is not going to stop you from doing a move you want to do because it doesn’t have the ability to do it; it is going to find a way regardless, even if that requires compensation.

We dive deep into why the ribs play an important role in getting overhead. I share the analogy, “The ribs for the shoulder blade are like the floor for your feet.” Ryan L’Ecuyer then goes into the hypertrophy standpoint of going overhead and the challenges coaches face in the shoulder flexion improvement process and why landmine pressing and angled cable rows are a great strategy to get to that next level.

Listen in as the coaches and I discuss instilling overhead exposure at an early age and how shoulder mobility will likely come easier moving forward in future training. Ryan Patrick shares his tactic on using unilateral movements as a tool to get somebody overhead by driving rotation and restoring mechanics.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [06:30] The right way to test shoulder flexion
  • [13:45] Why the ribs are so important in getting overhead
  • [17:03] Going overhead from a hypertrophy standpoint
  • [23:16] Exercises that allow you to feel your shoulder blades
  • [26:15] Stacked position and shoulder movement
  • [30:00] Instilling overhead exposure at a young age


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